The title of this blog, “We Don’t Trust Your Theology” is a direct quote from a former church employer of mine when I was being told my contract would not be renewed. In 2011, the book Love Wins created a schism in some parts of the evangelical world and there was fall out from that. I was one of them. While this would eventually lead to my removing myself from pastoral work for a while, in 2016 I was nudged into the realization it was time to reenter the conversation.

This blog as well as the podcast I co-host with friend and mentor Don Schiewer, Evangebros (which is currently on hiatus but you can listen to the old episodes) is part of my reentering. It’s going to be messy, filled with incomplete thoughts, and ever changing positions.

If we decide to enter a life that deals with faith, we must be prepared to be ever changing and evolving. There is no time in which we will ever “arrive.” I primarily hope to focus on how to rebuild, and continue moving forward after the wreaking ball of deconstruction has turned into a hammer.

For more on this, please check out my book, We Don’t Trust Your Theology: Reconstructing Your Faith from Rubble here or you can get it from the overlords here.

We’re all in this together whether we like it or not.

I live in Ohio with my family and cats. Currently I work for an Episcopal Church as a Director of Community Engagement.

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