Another Update?

Well, the Summer is almost done and it is hard to believe. I have not been as active on here as I had hoped, or originally intended, and wanted to give an overview of what the next few months will look like.

  1. Becoming a new dad has been more time consuming than I expected. It’s been great, but a lot.
  2. My work as an Outreach Director at the church I am at has been taking a lot of time as well. This, honestly, has been the reason why I have not been able to write as much currently. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and I have been preaching every other week.
  3. I am currently writing some stopgap posts that should help fill some weeks.
  4. The postings will continue with every other week for now.
  5. We’ll have some new merch, including stickers available in the Fall. I’ve been working on a few other things as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Alright, all that being said, starting next Tuesday at 9am we’ll get back to some regular postings, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions.

In closing, here’s a little something from Hildegard of Bingen that I have found fascinating and enjoy meditating on:

The Living Light therefore speaks with the secret word of Wisdom: God is full and whole and beyond the beginning of time, and therefore he cannot be divided or analyzed by words as a human being can. God is a whole and nothing other than a whole, to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken away. For He-who-is is both paternity and divinity, since it is said, “I am who I am.” And He-who-is is fullness itself. How is this to be understood? By his activity, creativity, and perfection.

– Hildegard of Bingen in her letter to Odo of Soissons in 1148

Grace and peace.

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