Things to Come in 2022

As I have not updated since the summer, I thought it may be a good time to rectify that.

Book Update:

Outside of working towards my degree, I have spent the past six months mainly working on my book, We Don’t Trust Your Theology. This was originally slated to come out in the Spring but looks like it will be available for ordering in January. I am incredibly honored that Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf & Stock, came alongside and published this. It’s surreal that this project is nearing its end as I have been working on this since 2017 (in one form or another, and it no longer resembles those first five drafts), and while I am sad to see it go, I am also very ready to move on.

However, be on the lookout for a mini-book tour announcement coming soon (pending Covid-19 surges and public health warnings)!

Cover for the book

Family Update:

Speaking of things to come, my wife and I are expecting a baby in April of this upcoming year. I believe I updated last year on this site, our adoption was cancelled. This is still a fresh wound, and I will be going into more detail on that later. While we are still heartbroken over that, we are overjoyed that we will be bringing this new life into our family.

Other Stuff:

While I am still working for the ELCA as an Outreach Director, I will have more speaking/teaching engagements this next year. While these are predominately Sunday mornings at different churches, it has been a joy of 2021 to get back into the swing of that. This last year has provided more opportunities to teach/preach than in years past.

I hope to get back into regular posting, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and plan to spend the next few weeks working on that so I am not setting myself up for failure. Okay, that’s enough for now.

Grace and peace everyone.

Happy New Year.

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