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A few weeks ago I was driving to work when I found myself with a car in my blind spot who sped up to not allow me to merge in to the next lane. This just about caused an accident, and had me almost go off the road. When I was going to the merge, and I see this person speeding up (which caused me to slow down) I suddenly I found myself parallel with another driver who was looking straight at me. Being caught off guard I looked at him and gave the universal “what are you doing?” look with the hand up in the air. So I brought my hand down, quickly realized it may have looked like I gave him the finger, and angrily read the stickers on the windows of this persons car. One sticker read:

You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.”

Davy Crockett after losing his US Senate bid in Tennessee

I imagine most people who find themselves in that similar situation are starting to create a story about the driver based solely on their bumper stickers. After an incredibly embarrassing moment of realization of how I had acted and the story I was created, I rerouted my drive, embarrassed that he’d see the person that was now behind him was pulling in to a church to work. That morning I had received a tax bill that was much more expensive than expected, and a parking ticket. There were a lot of things I was feeling that morning. But what I could not shake from my mind was the prayer I had read before I left for work:

“Holy God, I cannot hide from your presence, but I try. Thank you for seeking me anyway. Clothe me with your cloak of love today and bring me to the place where you can use me. You know my gifts and missing pieces. Use me, mold me, and fill me with obedience. Amen.”

Daily Texts 2021

So often there are things that we do not allow ourselves to get past. Whether it is embarrassment of a situation or our own distorted view of grace and justice. I just continue to pray God is more open and just than I am, especially in the merge lane.

Grace and peace everyone.

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