“Mercy smooths all the suffering of humankind with a balm”

That same voice is a sounding trumpet in the embrace of divine love, for it resonates with kindness, and by means of humility gathers the meek, and with mercy anoints their wounds. The voice of divine love flows with the rushing water of the Holy Spirit and the peace of God’s goodness. Humility plants a garden with every fruit tree of God’s grace, encompassing all the greenness of God’s gifts. Mercy smooths all the suffering of humankind with a balm. The voice of divine love resounds in the symphony of all praises of salvation. It resounds where it sees God, and where it fights against pride through humility. Through mercy it cries with a voice, at once both lamenting and joyful. It gathers unto itself the poor and the lame and seeks the help of the spirit in all things with good works. It resounds in the dwelling place of God, where the saints blaze in those places prepared for them while they were in the world.

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