“…sometimes they are exaggerated beyond the truth and become ludicrous.”

The church frequently reports extraordinary things, and sometimes they are exaggerated beyond the truth and become ludicrous. Therefore, I advise you not to accuse your brother Roricus unjustly in your heart, and not to move beyond the bounds in speaking depraved words about him. God knows that you do not act rightly in this matter. Beware that your Lord does not blame you for this anger of yours and other similar matters. May God pardon you for all your sins.

To her brother Hugo, CA. 1170; Epistolarium 208. As published in Dr. Kujawa-Holbrook’s book Hildegard of Bingen which can be PURCHASED HERE.

Even though this is a letter Hildegard sent to her brother about a family matter, she does not mince words about the church. And this is something that has never changed. The church is happy to exaggerate on unimportant instances, but never quick to address the wrongs they’ve committed.

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