“Other creatures are not here just to serve our bodily needs”

Once again I heard a voice from heaven that said this to me:

God has commanded for humanity’s benefit all of creation, which God made on the heights and in the depths. If humanity abuses their position over the rest of God’s creation and commits evil deeds, God will then allow other creatures to punish us. Other creatures are not here just to serve our bodily needs. If we appreciate them as God intended, our souls will benefit.

Liber Divinorum Operum 3.2, as published in Dr. Kujawa-Holbrook’s book Hildegard of Bingen which can be purchased here.

Here is where I would insert some type of anti-capitalism rant about where we currently find ourselves and the world. But instead, I’ll just let Hildegard do the talking today.

Happy thanksgiving.

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