This week on the #Evangebros podcast Don and I talk about baptism. One of our listeners asked us to discuss it, and while we jump around a bit one thing is clear.

Many different traditions have vastly different views on the subject. Also, due to it being after very long working days for Don and myself, we get fairly candid about our thought. This is not something normal for myself. Usually during recording I have a few things running through my mind, here is a small example:

  • Are we tracking on time?
  • Any audio issues I need to try and fix in post?
  • Did one of us just say a word I will need to bleep, so I need to write down the time it happened at?
  • Crap, what did Don just say?
  • The lag that is happening on zoom, will that be an issue?

Either way, it was great to chat about a subject I honestly don’t give much thought to. It’s funny, as time goes on I realize the theological issues I spend my time thinking about these days are so far removed from my evangelical roots it surprises me. Not that it isn’t good to think and struggle through these things, it’s just, not what excites me a the current place I find myself. But, what is upsetting to me is, it should. Looking at old thoughts with an enhanced magnifying glass is maybe how I’ll spend the rest of the month.

Anyway, enjoy the episode by clicking on this link.

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