We are adopting!

Friday my wife and I announced on our social media that we are adopting:


“So many prayers. So many years. So many times we received a no when we wanted it to be yes. When we “found” her, we knew. It was time. Now that our home study is nearly complete and we are heading into this next phase of papers and waiting, we invite you to celebrate with us. We have a daughter. She’s 2. She’s perfect, and currently in Africa. Though many things can still change and nothing is ever certain, we are rejoicing and thankful for this answered prayer. We love her and can’t wait to the rest of the details we have permission!

#bensonsadopt #ejb2019 #wewishedforyou

This has been in the works for at least four years with different speed bumps throughout the process. We are very excited and if you’d like to lend your support  we are selling shirts!


Please click this link and it’ll take you to where you need to go.

We are very excited about this and to share the journey with you all.

Grace and peace.

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