Toe dip.

Today it has been two years since I dipped my toe back into the ministerial waters. Not to spoil tomorrow’s Evangebros episode, but I was invited back to preach at the last church I was on staff at. It just so happened that the day I was given to preach, was the last regular service, so I had the rare and heavy opportunity to close it down (the church was closing its doors, going to dissolve and relaunch into something new). 

I was given the opportunity to pick my teaching, so I chose Luke 15. I love those three parables, and figured it would be my first time preaching in over four years, I should pick something I was familiar with. While it took me a little bit to find my footing, it ended up going pretty well. Jumping back and forth from the teaching to an update on my life over the previous years, to where my prayer for the church was going forward, and also expressing my experience with depression that leaving this church had caused me.

Since it is the two year anniversary, I’ve decided to share the teaching which was not made public. Never the less, here it is:


Peace be with you.


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