Easter Post Mortem

Hey everyone, new Wednesday means new Evangebros episode!

This week Don and I chatted about the resurrection, what it means, and why it is or isn’t important.  Here are a few things I learned while prepping and recording this episode:

  • I have spent, in contrast to what I had originally thought, very little time thinking about whether the resurrection matters. What I mean by that is, while I have thought about why I think it is important to me, why I feel it was needed, but I have spent little time looking at why or if I thought it was necessary.
  • The idea of over spiritualization of Western Christendom and the hyper-focused individuality that comes from that is still something I wrestle with.
  • No matter how well I think I prepare for an episode, a well aimed question is just as great as a curveball. It’s a great exercise at continuing to be more on my toes which is something that is always great to work on.

Hope you all enjoy.


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